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I have a couple of always-free compute instances on Oracle Cloud. By default, each instance gets an IPv4 address, and IPv6 is not enabled.

I tried enabling IPv6 using instructions I found on the Internet, but:

  • it doesn't work for my Oracle Linux 8.4 instance
  • even if it did, we have to manually obtain the IPv6 address using /etc/rc.local -- this doesn't seem to be the best practice, especially since this is a systemd distro

Hey, I'm all for simplicity and I love SysV init scripts, but if the distro is a systemd distro, then I'll use systemd. Just like the reason why I have an Oracle Linux instance on Oracle Cloud -- it's supposed to be the best-supported OS on their cloud. Yes, it's just another clone of RHEL, but I thought it would somehow be better tuned for Oracle Cloud environment...

I created a Stardust instance on ScaleWay, and used IPv6 exclusively (didn't use IPv4, much cheaper this way).

The issue is, dnf would often not work. After using -d 3 to figure out where it stalls, it became clear that dnf was resolving the mirror domain names to IPv4, and then failing to connect to them because we don't have IPv4.