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ThinkPad T14

I just got a ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 AMD.


  • Sleep mode drains the battery
    • The T14 has S0ix ("Windows") and S3 ("Linux") sleep modes
    • S3 sleep drains more power than S0ix (Fixed in UEFI Firmware 1.40)
  • Sleep mode sometimes doesn't work
    • This seems to be a kernel version problem (Fixed in kernel 5.14)
    • Sometimes the laptop does not go to sleep, even if the lid is closed, this seems to be a distro / power management problem
  • Waking up from S0ix sleep takes ~10 seconds
    • Waking up from sleep is instantaneous on Windows
    • Waking up from S3 sleep with UEFI Firmware 1.40 and kernel 5.14 is instantaneous
  • TrackPoint stutters
    • There is a workaround
  • Screen ghosting / burn-in
    • Only visible on a gray screen
  • Edges of the palmrest are sharp, unlike previous ThinkPads where the palmrest edges are slightly curved

Improvements over previous ThinkPads

  • Battery charge control now works by firmware
    • works without booting into the system
    • can be configured under /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0:
      • charge_control_end_threshold
      • charge_control_start_threshold
  • Thinner and lighter